Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TUE 5-9

  • Students read an article on the chain of events that prompted the US to enter WWII.  
  • Students summarized every few paragraphs in the margin and completed the chart on page 3 of the below document.

  1. Continue reviewing quarter 1 terms using Quizlet set online
  2. Quiz on all 21 terms Thursday
  3. Finish today's assignment if needed

Lightning Time


Monday, May 8, 2017

MON 5-8

1. CNN
2. Rise of Dictators - POP UP FIGURES (notes)
  • Slides for notes (you have use your Wake County ID/password to access)
  • Be sure to watch the video clips on Hitler and Stalin's slides (should be able to click on the screen for link)
  • Quizlet Quarter 1 Terms - work on these each night
  • Quiz on these terms Thursday