Monday, August 15, 2016

MON 8-15

Today we began watching CNN Student News as our warm-up.  While watching, students completed the viewing guide which is due Friday. 


  • Students received their Unit 1 Tests back today - my apologies for the delay!
    • Grades are updated in PowerSchool as two separate assignments.  The multiple choice was one assignment worth 100 points, and the short answer was one assignment worth 30 points (so about 1/3 of a test grade).  
    • We went over the questions together, but students are welcome to discuss their test results with me during team time this week if needed.  
  • Students worked on a concept map (see image below) to process their notes on Pilgrims and Puritans.  
  • Finish at least 2/3 (15 outer boxes) of the concept map using your notes by tomorrow.
  • If you still need the notes, the fill-in handout AND powerpoint slides are on last Wednesday's post; just scroll down until you find it.

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