Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TUE 10/4

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  • Students listened to me read a "break-up letter" that I "found" left on my classroom floor.  They discovered that it was actually a modern-day Declaration of Independence, by which the 13 colonies were "breaking up" with Great Britain.
  • Students then watched the video "Too Late to Apologize" to review the reasons for this separation.
  • We began reading the Declaration of Independence together and paraphrasing.  For each section, students were expected to:
    • Stop at each vertical line
    • Circle and define any unfamiliar vocabulary (link to glossary here)
    • Determine what the text says
    • Paraphrase in the second column; re-write it as you would explain it to a friend or younger sibling.
    • Continue reading / repeat process.
Finish any parts of sections 2 & 3 that you did not read/paraphrase at home.  
Study Unit 3 Vocab for Friday's test

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