Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WED 11-16

CNN Student News - Today's Episode

1) Students watched a brief video on the War of 1812.  Students took notes on significant events during and leading up the war (1807-1814).
2) We discussed these events and made sure notes were complete - see mine below.

3) We reviewed with some guided true/false and fill-in-the-blank based on the video and notes.

None tonight

(Answer Key for Worksheets)
TRUE FALSE: (1)TRUE, (2)TRUE, (3)TRUE, (4)FALSE, (Maryland to Illinois), (5)FALSE (greatly harmed)
FILL IN THE BLANK: (1) ignored, (2) American Indians, (3) interference with US shipping, (4) fur trading, (5) Russia, (6) beheaded, (7) New Orleans, (8) Constitution, (9) on Lake Erie, (10) Fort McHenry
TRUE FALSE: (1)TRUE, (2)TRUE, (3)FALSE-decreased by millions of dollars, (4)TRUE, (5)FALSE-gained no territory

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